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The beautiful sand beach and the crystal clear waters of Lake Geneva attract vacationers year after year.

Lake Geneva (named after Lake Geneva in Switzerland, due to the beauty of the tree lined shores)  offers vacationers a beautiful venue for many types of recreation. Due to the higher banks on the east, the water is mostly calm, offering skiing and wakeboarding enthusiasts many hours of fun each day. Lake Geneva is part of the famous Alexandria Chain of Lakes, and offers many opportunities to travel throughout the area by boat, as each lake is connected by a channel.

Needless to say, Geneva is also a favorite lake for fishermen. We are hosts to many bass tournament entrants, and the walleye fishermen are always boasting about how they have found Geneva to be the best kept walleye secret in Minnesota.  Stop by Christopherson Bait Shop, only a mile down the road, to buy your fishing license and get up to date information on where the fish are biting.

No boat?  No problem! Geneva Beach Resort offers fishing boat and pontoon rentals to resort guests.


Lake Geneva has laid claim to being one of the best bass lakes in the region for years and there are few nay sayers. Some say it is a premier walleye lake as well. Geneva is 663 acres with an angular shoreline of 5.4 miles. Water clarity is about six-eight feet or more. Numerous holes range from 36 to 63 feet. Geneva a classic bass lake and they can be found in typical hangouts all around the shoreline, in the shade of overhanging and undercut trees, under docks and in the weed breaks and along the reeds.

Geneva typically draws a crowd for openers and throughout the spring, and a favorite spot then and throughout the year is the big underwater shelf that extends out from the northwest shore and, as the water warms, the deeper weed lines along its edges. Just south of that shelf, the drop-offs just off the point on the western shore is the lake's favorite hotspot for walleyes. Check out the area surrounding and out from the boat channels, particularly the inlet at the southern tip from Lake Victoria. In general, other than drifting the drop-offs off that western point, the shelf and the breaks at the edge of the shallows reaching out from the resort at the southern end for walleyes, just get out your favorite tackle and explore the shoreline for a day of good bass fishing. (From the Sportsman's Connection)

For further information from the DNR, and a lake map, just follow these links.
DNR Lake Geneva Information                DNR Lake Geneva MAP


LAKE LE HOMME DIEU   If you travel to the north side of Lake Geneva, you can pass through the channel to Lake Le Homme Dieu. Pontoons and larger speed boats do fit through the channel. Watch the edges, though! If you head to the south west end of the lake, and go through the red and green markers, you will find   The Lure and Zorbaz  restaurants, which feature fun outdoor dining by the lake.

LAKE CARLOS   Travel straight across Lake Le Homme Dieu, and you will see the channel access to Lake Carlos.    Carlos State Park   is on the north side of Lake Carlos, and has a beautiful beach and hiking trails. The Lake Carlos Marina sells gas on their dock, has a small store and is home to Hangloose Paddleboards.

LAKE DARLING   Travel to the south on Lake Carlos, and you will see the channel to Little Darling. There are red and green markers to guide you into Lake Darling. Arrowwood Resort has a nice outdoor deck bar which you will find on the northwest side of the lake.

LAKE VICTORIA   The channel access to Lake Victoria is just to the east of the resort and is accessible  to smaller boats.   At the south end of Lake Victoria, you can take smaller boats through the picturesque channel into Lake Jessie.